Arc’teryx Atom LT JacketLayering is important to people who enjoys the outdoors. If you love to ski, ice or Alpine climb, trek, and/or hike, then you must know that an insulation layer like the Arc’teryx Atom LT Jacket is very important to keep you comfortable.

 Arc’teryx has crafted a lightweight insulation layer for men with its Atom LT Jacket. As an insulation layer, Atom LT Jacket’s main function is to keep you warm by retaining air close to your body.

The Atom LT Jacket is trim fit and is designed to be used as a middle layer. However, it doubles as a shell layer in cases when precipitation is light or minimal.



 Below is the list of features that make Arc’teryx Atom LT Jacket exceptional:

  • Made with Nylon – Nylon is generally considered a more durable material for an insulation layer than its counterpart which is polyester.
  • Lightweight – Atom LT Jacket only weighs 11.1 oz. It has a minimal and simplistic design which makes it lightweight.
  • Coreloft Insulation – Coreloft is an original synthetic insulation mechanism developed by Atom LT Jacket’s creator, Arc’teryx. With Coreloft Insulation, synthetic hydrophobic fibres are creased in different sizes allowing them to trap warm air.
  • Water-repellant – Atom LT Jacket’s outer fabric was treated with water-repellent finish. This allows for moisture management in case the jacket is used as a shell or outer layer.
  • Polartec Power Stretch with Hardface Technology – The side panels and underarms of Atom LT Jacket were made with Polartec Power Stretch for flexibility and with Hardface Technology for added water-repellence and breathability.
  • Highly compressible – Atom LT Jacket is easy to pack. It can be folded down into a really small parcel which can be kept inside its own pocket or tucked into the sleeve or hood. The original form can easily be restored in no time by shaking the jacket quickly.



The main benefits of Arc’teryx Atom LT Jacket are its light weight, durability, and flexibility. Since it only weighs 11.1 oz and is highly compressible, it is very easy to pack. It will not take up a lot of space and is highly advisable for back-packing trips. Moreover, the Coreloft Insulation component of Atom LT Jacket gives it a long-lasting ability to keep one dry and warm. And because it uses hydrophonic fibre, Atom LT Jacket is water resistant which makes it a suitable outer layer under light precipitation. Most importantly, its structure accounts for the users’ movements. The Polartec Power Stretch with Hardface Technology features allow for maximum mobility which makes it a good action for those who love outdoor sports.


Why Choose It?

Arc’teryx Atom LT Jacket 2 Arc’teryx Atom LT Jacket is a good balance between weight and durability. This trim-fitting jacket is very easy to pack and thus perfect for outdoor activities where you need to bring a number of other heavy equipment like: mountain climbing, ice climbing, hiking and trekking, snowboarding, or skiing. So if you are someone who loves such kinds of activities, then you would not have a hard time thinking why you should choose this product.

 Moreover, if you are looking for long-lasting warmth, then Atom LT Jacket is definitely for you as well. Due to its hydrophonic materials, it does not absorb moisture that is mostly responsible for that chilly feel. The way its fabrics were woven also allows for the retaining warm air closer to your body. The combination of those two features makes Atom LT Jacket a good insulating layer.

 Aside from that, the jacket is designed to allow free movements. Atom LT Jacket’s cuts will definitely not restrict you as you try to conquer mountain ranges and trails.



 Arc’teryx Atom LT Jacket is a perfect long-lasting insulation layer for active outdoor activities. It serves its main purpose well which is to warmth to its user by trapping warm air through its Coreloft Insulation feature. It further enhances its function by utilizing Polartec Power Stretch with Hardface Technology which allows for unrestricted arm and upper body movement, something that is very important for outdoor sports. Lastly, the fact that it is made out of Nylon not only makes it very durable. At 11.1 oz., Arc’teryx Atom LT Jacket is definitely lightweight and highly compressible therefore very easy to pack.

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