TETON Sports Explorer4000Backpacking has become one of the greatest trends this past year or so. With airfare deals and the growing urge for a more active lifestyle, a lot of people have turned their attention to travelling.

With that in mind, what sort of trip are you planning? A short trip of 3 days across the state or a month long trip to Alaska or some other exciting destination across the globe? Ultimately, when you are travelling, your level of enjoyment will depend on the ease and comfort with which you travel. A backpack that is light, adjustable and easy to use can make or break your travelling experience.

For your 2-5 day trip, TETON Sports Explorer 4000 is designed with your requirements in mind and can hold everything you need. Developed for lightweight and independent travels, the robust Explorer4000 backpack with the internal frame is designed with a number of features that makes it a great companion for your backpacking or hiking trips. It incorporates some innovations that result in a highly-customizable and durable backpack for a truly comfortable and hassle-free journey.


Most of TETON Sports Explorer4000’s features cannot be found on similar products. It boasts excellent adjustment features that, combined with other auxiliary features, leave competitors on the side of the trail while you still go full steam ahead.

Here are the features of the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack:

  • Highly adjustable – Explorer4000 features torso adjustment for a wide range of body sizes, from 5 feet, 1 inch tall to 6 feet, 4 inches.
  • Moldable aluminum – Once you have adjusted the backpack to your liking, it remembers your fit of choice thanks to its mouldable aluminium material.
  • Side pockets – This outdoor backpack possesses pass-through side pockets where you can keep your tent poles or other long travelling gear.
  • Compression straps – Aside from tent poles, Explorer4000 can also accommodate your sleeping bag, pad, or tent with its top and bottom compression straps
  • Back and Hip Padding – Explorer4000 also has open-cell foam with lumbar pad as its back and hip padding. It also has molded channels designed to allow better airflow.
  • Rainfly – Explorer4000 comes with its own rain fly to keep it dry, making it more durable, especially for inclement weather.
  • 4,000 cubic inches large capacity – for packing your essentials
  • Other features – Has waterproof zippers, mesh pouch with Velcro, daisy chain, a 3-litre bladder pocket, and hydration tube bungees on both shoulder straps.



 TETON Sports Explorer40001So why is the TETON Sports Explorer4000 better than your average back pack base on features? Well, these features bring a number of benefits to any first-time or professional backpacker out there.

Firstly, since it is made highly adjustable, anyone can use it without feeling any discomfort. Another benefit is that you won’t have to adjust your bag every so often with Explorer4000. Once you have found the perfect fit that is right for your body size, you can depend on Teton backpack to stay that way. The size and proportion of your backpack is very crucial to your own safety. An out-of-fit backpack can result to back injuries or even accidents. That is why this is one of the best backpacks for its category.

 Moreover, you can pack so many things in a single bag with Explorer4000. 4,000 cubic inches should be enough for an average length trip. Plus, it is designed to have several compartments. Not only that, each compartment is cleverly crafted to accommodate specific travelling gear that are more or less necessities for any backpacker.


Why Explorer4000?

 Choosing Explorer4000 ensures that you will travel comfortably while you are travelling. Its internal frame ensures that your things are properly packed. But it also provides enough padding for you to avoid feeling the frame inside the backpack. A big plus if you want the best backpack for comfort.

Explorer4000 also guarantees you a comfortable trip by allowing you to custom-fit its size. If you do not want to experience walking, trekking, or climbing with a loose-fitting or an extremely tight bag hugging your torso, then Explorer4000 is definitely your best backpack option.

 And to add up to all of these, Explorer4000 gives you a number of extras so you surely get great value for your money. It has various pockets for your smaller things. It can also accommodate your walking sticks. An added bonus is that it even has  room for your sleeping bag and tent.

 So if you want to travel with a single bag and already have all the essentials in there, then you should buy Teton Explorer4000.



 TETON Sports Explorer4000 rugged internal frame backpack is specifically made for average-length travels. It has enough space for all the things that you need for a 2-5 day trip. Explorer4000’s biggest strength as a product, is its adjustment mechanism. With a torso adjustment for people from 5’1” to 6’4” tall, Explorer4000 can easily be considered a backpacking basic requirement.

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