Sundowner GTX Hiking Boot1Conquering rough terrains is virtually impossible without the proper footwear that gives protection and support for a far and long hike.

For so many years now, hiking boots have been considered as the best option for difficult trails mainly due to its hard structure. Hiking boots need not be extravagant to appeal to both professional and beginners. Good quality and fit are all it takes for a pair of hiking boots to keep one going.

 However, Vasque Men’s Sundowner GTX goes beyond the basic. Not only does it have a heavy duty make, it was also developed in a way that best considers style and comfort.

 Sundowner GTX Features

The stylish hiking boot offers a number of features that make it ideal for hiking including:

  • Full-grain leather– For maximum durability, Vasque Men’s Sundowner GTX’s has full-grain leather uppers.
  • Gore-Tex technology –Sundowner GTX also features Gore-Tex Technology, a liquid-repelling and breathable fabric.
  • Cushioned with EVA – The midsole of Sundowner GTX is made of EVA or Ethylene-vinyl acetate. EVA is known to have high impact resistance
  • Features 2 insole –Sundowner GTX has a supportive bimodal 2 insoles that allows for optimal support and balance.
  • Nylon lining and padded collar – The Sundowner GTX’s makes use of light-weight nylon lining and padded collar which gives additional foot support.
  • Vasque Classic outsole – The manufacturer’s trademark Vasque Classic outsole is also present in the Sundowner GTX.


 The Sundowner GTX Benefits

 Sundowner GTX Hiking Boot2Style and function. These are the two main benefits of Vasque Men’s Sundowner GTX. With its full-grain leather uppers, Sundowner GTX is able to give that classic seamless look that stylish hikers swoon over. In fact, due its simplistic design, the Sundowner GTX can easily be worn on the streets without having to face the risk of looking odd.

 More importantly, Sundowner GTX’s materials make it a top choice for comfortable hiking boots. Padded with EVA on its midsoles and designed with bimodal insoles, it gives any hiker a perfect fit and proper cushioning to prevent blisters when going over rough trails. Moreover, with its Gore-Tex technology, Sundowner GTX is made breathable despite its leather outer make. The breathable membrane allows moisture to pass through the boots thus keeping your feet dry as you traverse difficult mountain trails. This also guarantees that the boots are waterproof.

 Aside from comfort, Sundowner GTX also boasts its durability. Because it is made with full-grain leather, it has high abrasion resistance. With this, you are also assured of its longetivity.


Sundowner GTX Hiking Boot3Why Sundowner GTX?

 Vasque Men’s Sundowner GTX covers all essential facets of excellent hiking boots. Other hiking boots look really good. Some can also provide comfort. A few are made of durable high-quality materials. But they do not have it all.

 Usually, when hiking boots are durable, they are very difficult to wear because of their hard material. Vasque Men has this problem all accounted for by providing enough cushioning on their Sundowner GTX.

Lightweight materials on boots make them wore out easily. Sundowner GTX will not give you such problem because aside from using the best kind of leather, its Gore-technology prevents your boots from retaining moisture that can make it soggy and eventually crusty to the point of breaking apart.

 As a Vasque Men product, Sundowner GTX sure looks aesthetically-appealing. It has that good old-school look to it. You would know that its style can last a lifetime when you see it. Talk about classic.

 So you see, Sundowner GTX practically has it all. Plus, since a great fit can make or break a pair of hiking boots, Sundowner GTX comes in a range of width to ensure that what you get is what fits best.


 Vasque Men’s Sundowner GTX hiking boots is not your average high-endurance rough mountaineering footwear. On the outside, it is a straight-up winner with its old-school style. Made of full-grain leather uppers, it has the classic Vasque seamless look that spells tear-free and durable. But it is more than just good looks. The seamless leather combined with its Gore-Tex membrane makes it completely waterproof. And on the inside, it gives your feet the best quality comfort and support. It gives enough room for forefoot flexibility and provides proper cushioning on every side.

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